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Network European Business Centers owns and operates Business centres in towns and cities across Europe , and also provides meeting rooms and virtual offices to help people and businesses operate from a central point close to all amenities and transport links, at a fair price.

Network EBC offers additional services such as secretarial services, Mailbox addresses enterprise advice with a team of experts available.

Why partner with us?

Partners play a critical role in helping us meet our customers’ needs, and we are deeply committed to their success. Our partner program is comprehensive and extends across Britain and into Europe . Our long term goal is to become the leading global serviced office provider.

There are currently 2 partnership programs to choose from :

  1. A straight investment to purchase 25% of new business centres with no day to day involvement. Attractive projected income. Minimum investment £55,000.
  2. An investment to purchase 25% of new business centres with a job as business centre Manager to go with it. This option gives a return of investment similar to option one with the added benefit of receiving a salary for managing a centre.

We are particularly interested in expanding our network across Britain, although enquiries from other European cities are welcome.

Please contact us by email stating area of geographical interest (and relevant experience if option 2 is required) at the email address below.

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