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Virtual Office

Virtual Office Overview

What exactly is a virtual office?

Have you heard the modern saying “work is something you do, not something you travel to?”

More and more people are now on the move and no longer require an office space to work from.

They do however need a “Virtual presence”.

Somewhere they can direct post to, somewhere that they can put on their headed paper, someone to answer the telephone on their behalf. With a virtual office that is exactly that what you get.

You can have one or many virtual offices

With a virtual office, you can have a virtual presence in many towns and are not restricted to one location. You can give the impression of having offices around the globe if you want to. The phone will be answered as though it were your own office. A very inexpensive way to expand your business virtually!

Service packages differ depending on what you need. Give us a call to find the best package for you.

Whatever your size or business we have a solution tailored to your needs

Our services include having a good address to print on your business cards and website,, a well educated live receptionist to answer your calls and pass message to you, a telephone number local to you. Meeting space and desk space are available to you as and when you need them (these involve separate charges)a variety of business services including secretarial on tap to assist you. So whether you are someone starting in business, a person on the move or an established business or corporation needing to test a new area, we have a professional and reliable solution at your disposal.

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